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Centric Parts Technical Support Director Helps Meals On Wheels Keep On Rolling
by Frank A. Filipponio | Aug 01, 2011
Reggie Bush with members of the Prestone and St. Vincent’s teams

Recently, football star Reggie Bush joined Pat McCleish, the Technical Support Director of StopTech's parent company, Centric Parts, and dozens of other volunteers to help support a very worthy cause. The volunteers came together to lend their knowledge and skills to inspect vehicles used by the St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels program. The organization provides meals to homebound elderly and otherwise less fortunate individuals around the Los Angeles area.

Sponsored by Prestone, the event focused on inspecting and servicing delivery vehicles used by the program as well as other vehicles belonging to the organization’s numerous volunteers. Experienced technicians like Pat spent the day performing basic vehicle inspections that included checking and topping off fluids, and checking belts and hoses, tire pressures, tread depth, lights and wipers, as well as giving the vehicles an otherwise quick glance over for other major concerns.

Fluid levels were adjusted and recommendations for further services were made where necessary. Over 50 cars and trucks were inspected and although several needed minor attention, it was discovered that a few actually had serious issues. In fact, they needed major repairs to make them safe enough to once again drive on public streets – some potentially serious accidents successfully averted!

“Vehicle maintenance is about more than making sure your vehicle will be reliable,” explained McCleish, “it’s about making sure your vehicle is not a hazard to those sharing the road with you. I was happy for the opportunity to help assure that the staff and volunteers of the St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels had safe vehicles in which to make their deliveries.”

StopTech, and our parent company, Centric Parts, are proud of Pat and all of our other employees who volunteer their time and resources to help such worthy causes. Way to go, Pat!

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