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StopTech Ready for Biggest Racing Season Ever in 2012
by Frank A. Filipponio | Feb 01, 2012

As the 2012 racing season kicks off, StopTech is prepared to do battle in Grand-Am, World Challenge, SCCA, NASA, off-road, USAC and several other racing series. Building on our successes from last year, we are now being sought out by dozens of top teams to supply unique braking solutions for a wide variety of racing disciplines - 2012 is going to be an exciting year for us.

In fact, the StopTech Racing Team just got back from Daytona, where we helped several teams in both classes of the Grand-Am Continental Tire Series compete hard in the BMW Performance 200 race on Friday before taking on the ultimate challenge of 24 straight hours of racing on Saturday and Sunday in the Rolex 24.

As the first race of the season for most of these guys and gals, it was a pretty impressive start, with one of our highest profile teams - Turner Motorsport - placing 6th and 7th on Friday and 16th and 43rd in the big race over the weekend. Turner hosted a live stream of the event from their pits and was shadowed by The Smoking Tire, a website that is producing a video series on the race that focuses on the Turner team in particular.

Across the board, drivers and team members praised the durability and longevity of their StopTech components, citing a total lack of fade and virtually no wear on the rotors. More and more teams are discovering why so many top teams have chosen StopTech. "Brake late, finish first" is more than a slogan, it is what allows racers to push harder, more confidently charging into corners deeper than their competitors, knowing their brakes will be there when they need them. That's the StopTech advantage.

Come back all season for more race updates, profiles of drivers and teams, technical breakdowns of cars and tracks, and more information about our race and championship winning brake systems. Good luck to all the teams in 2012!


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