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StopTech Enters New Racing Markets at the Top
by Frank A. Filipponio | Apr 08, 2013

Long associated with production-based road racing, StopTech has begun to sell its championship-winning, patented, 2-piece calipers in the oval track world. From Sprint cars to Midgets, Modifieds to Late Model, StopTech has a solution. The StopTech STR-43 (left) and StopTech STR-42 (right) four-piston calipers seem ideally suited to this type of racing, with their race-proven benefits and slim design already scoring several notable wins this year.

Dealers like Pro System Brakes and QTM have been particularly good at converting oval track racers into StopTech customers, offering not just StopTech products, but additional expertise in this arena, and services that help make it easier for a customer to have their brakes track-ready right out of the box.

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