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Team StopTech Racing Update – April 7, 2014
by Frank A. Filipponio | Apr 07, 2014

Another week, another great showing by “Team StopTech.” That’s what we call the guys and gals participating in all forms of racing who use StopTech or Centric Parts brake components and systems on their vehicles. Whether it’s on asphalt or dirt, on an oval, road course or dragstrip, or in a car, truck or buggy…all of these racers have one thing in common: they know the importance of good brakes and understand how our motto – Brake Late, Finish First – helps them win.


Some “Team StopTech” results from this past week:


The Off Road Championship (TORC) – Primm, NV





Pro Lite: Rd 1 Rd 2 Calipers
Jerret Brooks (Top) 3 1 STR-42
Doug Mittag (81) 2 5 STR-42
Brad Lovell (44) 4 12 STR-42
Bradley Morris (7) 16 6 STR-42

Drag Racing

Similar to how we have been working with QTM to get into off-road racing, we have also been working with AFCO to penetrate the drag racing world. A typical car would use 6 DynaLite type calipers on the vehicle (four on the rear axle, 2 on the front). AFCO was able to replace the front 4 pistons with the AF23 and the 4 rear calipers with 2 AF42 calipers, improving the braking performance and removing about 14 pounds from the car. These cars are now stopping 50 feet sooner than before.


Brad Edwards


Kevin Mullins - New Radial World Record Pass - 197 MPH Speed Record – with AFCO caliper

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