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Team StopTech Racing Update – August 11, 2014
by Frank A. Filipponio | Aug 10, 2014

No race report this week can begin without acknowledging the news that NASCAR star Tony Stewart was involved in an incident during a Sprint Car race in New York that claimed the life of a fellow driver. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kevin Ward Jr. and all involved. Despite the terrible tragedy that occurred at Canandaigua this weekend, a few races were held that deserve reporting.

Circle Track


World of Outlaws Sprint Cars

1st Place - Daryn Pittman - StopTech STR-42 calipers


With no way to know what would be happening in New York the following night, Daryn Pittman, Cody Darrah, Brad Sweet and the rest of the Kasey Kahne Racing team held a team meeting going into the weekend’s big World Challenge at the Knoxville Nationals. After an unremarkable Friday practice it was obvious that they needed to make some changes if any one of the three drivers wanted a shot at collecting that $10,000 payday.


A year ago the teammates were all competitive heading into the final night of the Knoxville Nationals. That wasn't the case this week, and it was time to do something different.


Apparently, the chat between the three teams worked. Pittman was the fastest car on Saturday afternoon, blasting his way from sixth to the World Challenge victory and a hefty $10,000 payday.


"We realized all three of our cars were the same, and they weren't good enough to win," Pittman said. "A year ago, we went into the A-Main really happy with all of our cars and thought we could contend for it. This year, we just haven't been in the same spot, so we needed to make a new plan."



3rd Place – Brad Sweet – StopTech STR-42 calipers


Mission accomplished. And even better, his teammate Brad Sweet finished third.



Road Racing


3rd Place GS – Compass 360 Racing Subaru STI - STR-40GT Front Brake System




TORC – Sturgis

Pro Light - Jerett Brooks - STR-42

8/5 – 1st Place

8/6 – 3rd Place


Pro Light - Doug MIttag - STR-42

8/6 – 4th Place

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