StopTech and Centric Parts Axle Packs are pre-matched, direct-fit brake pad and rotor pairings designed to simplify brake service and brake system upgrades for virtually any car or truck on the road. They are the easiest way for drivers to replace their existing rotors and pads with high quality, premium feature, high performance components from the championship-winning team at StopTech and Centric Parts.

Available as front axle, rear axle or 4-wheel kits, Axle Packs simplify the upgrade process by providing application-specific, pre-matched systems, that take the guesswork out of mixing and matching individual components. The rotors and pads are carefully matched to provide optimal performance for a variety of specific vehicle and driver needs.

Axle Packs deliver the high performance and high quality that StopTech and Centric Parts are known for, and are available for most import and domestic vehicle applications, from basic daily driver replacement components to high performance sports car and truck upgrades.

StopTech and Centric Axle Packs are available for most driving needs:

  • Daily Commuter Duty


  • Towing or Hauling

  • Off-Roading

  • Weekend Canyon Carving

  • Track Day and Autocross Action

Why choose a StopTech or Centric Axle Pack?

  • StopTech and Centric brake systems offer significant improvements to braking performance

  • Axle Pack pre-selected components provide easy parts selection

  • OEM sized rotors allow retention of existing factory calipers for more affordable upgrades

  • Quality is assured. All components are manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications

StopTech Sport Axle Pack

Contents: Drilled and/or slotted high performance StopTech Sport Rotors for better cooling, shorter stops and reduced fade; StopTech Sport Pads for aggressive street or track day use; and StopTech High Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines for reduced system compliance and increased durability

Application: Sports cars and sport sedans that are routinely driven hard on the street, autocrossed or tracked

StopTech Truck Axle Pack

Contents: Slotted high performance StopTech Sport Rotors and StopTech Sport high thermal capacity pads

Application: Trucks and SUVs that see heavier braking due to towing, hauling or high performance driving on- or off-road

StopTech Street Axle Pack

Contents: Drilled and/or slotted high performance StopTech Sport Rotors and StopTech Street Pads

Application: For drivers who want improved braking performance and enhanced looks, with low dust and low noise

StopTech Select Sport Axle Pack

Contents: Drilled & slotted silver Zinc plated Select Sport brake rotors and StopTech Street Select Brake Pads

Application: For drivers who want a simple solution for drilled and slotted rotors and premium pads with low dust and low noise.